Project management
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Project management is one of key functions leading to success of every project. We believe that good project management brings to goal even most challenging project.


Our project management is based on the following standards:



We recognize that there are no perfect projects, as well as there are no perfect people. Every project is a living being that is changing due to internal and external factors. It is project management task to follow project from start to end, learn its rules, direct it and try to control it in limited and safe environment.


Projects management consists of:


  • managing project scope,
  • management of time and schedule,
  • managing of human and material resources,
  • management of financial resources,
  • risc management,
  • document management.


Transparency and intime information


Project management in Bitera puts transparency above methodology and standards. We believe controling information is key factor to success of any project, be it IT or in any industry. Intime information awareness enables intime reaction and intime adjustment to positive or negative information (ie, predictable delay is more acceptable than sudden).


For these reasons you can always expect transparency and to be informed regularly and intime.