Mobile applications
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Mobile phone is an indispensable part of every individual. If we used phones for mostly speaking in recent past, everything changed with smartphones.


Users nowadays use mobile phones for socializing in various social networks, for playing games and wasting free time; while communication that used to hold primary role, became almost unrecognizable due to various new possibilities of engaging in communication that was never imagined before.


If recently companies became aware that not being on Internet brings you to extinction it is today that smartphones started doing same thing. Bitera with its group of experts can help you avoid it. Present your services and products in mobile phones in a way that will bring you closed to the users and potential customers. We can make it innovative and intuitive.


In Bitera we can offer you comprehensive solutions, for enhancing you engagement in smartphone world or entering one. We can provide:

  • analysis for easier entry to mobile market,
  • preparation of visualisations and design,
  • development of application on crucial platforms: Android, iPhone, Symbian.


Earning with advertising in mobile applications


Advertising in mobile market is growing every year. With our help you can take part in it and cut you piece of cake. Contact us for more information.