Facebook and social networks
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Facebook is a phenomenon that brought enormous number of people online and gathered them in one place where they spent enourmous amount of time. It also made people more opened to the world, to share personal information and thoughts freely mostly without any restrictions.


With possibility to reach all these people, Facebook and other social networks (Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+) became a perfect tool for marketing and advertising. System of following information and publishing statuses and comments makes it possible to quickly reach critical mass of followers and mostly free of charge present new things to existing and potential customers.


Bitera with its experts can help you integrate with Facebook and other social networks.



Facebook applications


Applications hold a special place in Facebook. They offer you additional method to reach users, where they  meet you and your services or products even more intensively.



Tourist agency offers facebook game, where main award is free visit to one of the resorts. Users have fun playing the online game while participating and competing for main award. The Agency's goal is to obtain contacts and acquaint players (potential customers)  with its products and services, all by having fun.


A Hotel offers interactive presentation, where it is possible to look at the accommodations and book them all without even leaving the facebook. Hotel's goal is to acquaint users with the hotel and get the contacts for future advertising at the same time.


We want to find you the way to innovatively enter the Facebook and to get engagement from as many users as possible.