Custom applications
BITERA informacijske rešitve d.o.o.
Slomškova 40A, Rodica
1230 Domžale
T: +386 31662801

From idea to its realization


Do you have an idea? We have the knowledge and experiences to bring your idea to its realization. Trust our analists and engineers and their expertise who will help you visualize your idea, who will help you prepare and implement the solution, all in such a way that it will fit your wishes and needs as elegantly as possible.


How do you start?


Get in touch and present the idea

Present the idea to us. We will treat your ideas discreetly while trying to help you with its implementation.


Requirements analysis

Our team of consultants will analyze your requirements and prepare the proposal that comprises all the technical and business aspects of whole project.


Project start

After finalizing contractual agreement we start the project.



Project lifecycle


Every single project to smaller or larger extent follow project lifecycle. In the process of cooperation we prepare and execute the following steps:

  • exactly capturing requirements and prepare specifications, that customer needs to confirm,
  • project management and control over expenses and resources,
  • development in required technology,
  • parallel control of quality and testing,
  • preparation of user and technical documentation,
  • edutaion and training of final users,
  • support and maintenance.



Technologies and standards 


In Bitera we master different technologies and standards. Below you can find some of them:


  • platforms: mobile, desktop, web...
  • databases: MySQL, Oracle, MSSQL, Sqlite, PostgreSQL, MS Access, ...
  • languages: C/C++, Javascript, Node.js, Sql, Basic, PHP, Java, Qt, …
  • standards and technologies: Win API, MFC, multithreading, IPC, TCP/IP, UDP, SSL, SMTP, XML, XSD, XSLT, XPath, ASP, PHP, CSS3, HTML5, Ajax, encryption, sockets, GIS, ADO, Qt, jQuery, ExtJS, Qt, Nokia WRT, Joomla, Drupal, Android SDK, Android NDK, web services, SOAP ...